AtScale + Google Looker

AtScale empowers Looker users with a true universal semantic layer and high performance analytics with live access to any cloud data platform.

AtScale + Looker

AtScale + Looker

AtScale is a semantic layer for BI and Data Science on cloud data platforms. When you combine Looker’s modern approach to dashboards and data visualization with AtScale’s leading semantic layer, your BI and data science teams get access to “live” cloud data in the tools of their choice.

AtScale And Looker

Speed of Thought Performance on Live Cloud Data

With AtScale, organizations can leverage the modern Looker visualization platform while getting speed of thought performance on live cloud data and managing the cost of cloud resource consumption.

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One Version of the Truth

Build and manage a universal set of business-oriented data models that establish a single source of truth for all data consumers. Leverage a no-code modeling environment to natively generate LookML for integration with Looker. Extend a semantic layer to reach beyond Looker to leverage a consistent view of metrics in other tools such as Excel.

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AtScale Powerful Metrics Design

Live Connections to Cloud Data

Deliver lightning fast performance to live cloud data sets with no extraction of data ingest. Powerful query virtualization and AI-driven cloud orchestration take full advantage of modern cloud data platforms while optimizing resource consumption and performance for BI use cases. Deliver secure, governed access to cloud data.


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AtScale + Google Looker in Action

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