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Analytics for Everyone: Build Shareable Semantic Models

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A Universal Semantic Hub serving all semantic models to AI/BI Tools

Download now to build and share semantic models with the community, up to 500 queries per month

Drive self-service analytics for everyone

Deliver "speed of thought" queries

Connect live data without data extracts or imports

  • Drive collaboration across engineers and business analysts with a code-first and no-code modeling interface
  • Connect a wide variety of BI and AI tools without compromising functionality or capabilities
  • Build and share semantic models with the community
  1. Download the zip file and copy your license key
  2. Install Docker:
  3. Unzip the file that was downloaded
  4. Open a Terminal or Command Prompt
  5. Navigate to the folder you’ve just unzipped
  6. Now, run the following command to run AtScale:
    docker compose up -d
  7. Wait for the containers to come up successfully, this may take some time.
  8. Point your browser to: http://localhost

  9. Sign in with the default username and password:

    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  10. Input your unique license into the page on first login

For more detailed setup information please refer to our Quick Start Guide.

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The AtScale Developer Edition serves as a public playground for consumption-ready semantic models, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the data and analytics community. To evaluate a Semantic Layer for your enterprise, request a free trial.